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Pics or it didn’t happen*: mental health and visual practices

Selfie: The selfish side of social networking

TASA Youth

By Natalie Hendry (

In this post I outline some of my early thinking in relation to my PhD research project, which explores how young people experiencing mental illness understand wellbeing through technology. Though I am a media and communications PhD student with a background in education, and experience in public health, I am increasingly drawn to sociological ideas and theories to help make sense of the ways digital media and health intersect in young people’s lives. I completed my confirmation last October and am now developing my methods and the ethics applications required across multiple research sites including the university, hospitals and health services. More details about my PhD research project are available here.

I discuss an instance from before my PhD that guides my current thinking in relation to young people’s use of visual social media. The example stems from a time I was working as a…

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